Group Mood board
This Mood board is in response to the advertisement i made for the project. It features Wolfgang Tilmans, Martin Creed and Damian Hurst. I wanted the advertisement to be quite abstract and although it links to the collection it isn't too direct with having the actual garments being involved.
The above to images where created in response to the materials being used in the collection. One of the garments was a dress made out of bin bags. So I got one and blew it up like a balloon and started shooting it. Inspired by Raf Simons "Black Palms" - 1998
This was a picture of concrete stars taken from underneath. The final was meant to have an Art Deco theme to it with it having  bold granulated gradients and contrasting text. Like an old movie poster!
This was scrap material left over from the making of the clothing.
This was also scrap material left over from the making.
With one of the items of clothing it was made out of transparent silicone the idea was to show the leg with out it being too revealing.....if that makes sense . So i took a photo of some one walking behind a very weathered piece of PVC.
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